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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Plagiarism equal creativity?

The news is everywhere, some "senior citizens" doing rap song, circulating on YouTube and blogs. It is even discovered that the song is "plagiarised" from a rap group KRS-One. Telling people to get creative by practising "plagiarism" huh? Hope they don't get sued like Timbaland.

Here are links of some blogs commenting this video:

1. MDA Senior Director's Rap

2. MDA Senior Management Rap was inspired by KRS-One?

3. MDA head honchos rap on video to get Singapore “creative and connected”

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Congratulation to our ministers

Civil servants to get two-month bonus in December 2007

This is indeed a good news for all the civil servants. Well done, time to pat each other shoulders, thank you for all the hard work in helping our people, creating so many new schemes that make Singapore so unique.

We will never forget all the goodies you have shower on our head after KO all the oppositions big time in every election.

Not only you get extra bonus every year, you will get pay hike too. You really make us envious, make us regret not study hard enough to become great leaders like you.

Here are the example of pay hikes you are getting for past few years. There are alot more from Google.

1. Singapore civil servants get 13% pay hike

2. PM, ministers to get pay rise of between 14% and 33%


And not forgetting your fat pensions too.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Do we need 5 lives to learn a lesson?

Isn't this too late? Isn't this a tragedy waiting to happen? Do you think insurance company will pay for such negligence cos safety measures are taken for granted?

"The 22 crew, who were not wearing life vests, were thrown off and many had to cling onto a pontoon to avoid being swept under by the current. It was not clear if the five who drowned all knew how to swim."

Ren Ci downfall

Looking at the news from Today. It is not difficult to see what is happening, another corruption case happening in a charity organisation, this time it is a Buddhist endorsed one, Ren Ci. One by one, they fall, NKF, Youth Challenge. The power of money is irresistable, not even the "holy" one is immune to it. No wonder after that "peanut" legacy, now SM Goh himself also thinking same way like his wife, suggesting pay hike for charity.

"Ren Ci is being probed for allegedly making interest-free loans to third parties, with its own records reflecting a smaller amount than what was in the borrowers' books."

Who is that "third party"? Where the money (the difference) goes to when the "borrower" return to him? To his own pocket?