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Monday, November 26, 2007

Ren Ci downfall

Looking at the news from Today. It is not difficult to see what is happening, another corruption case happening in a charity organisation, this time it is a Buddhist endorsed one, Ren Ci. One by one, they fall, NKF, Youth Challenge. The power of money is irresistable, not even the "holy" one is immune to it. No wonder after that "peanut" legacy, now SM Goh himself also thinking same way like his wife, suggesting pay hike for charity.

"Ren Ci is being probed for allegedly making interest-free loans to third parties, with its own records reflecting a smaller amount than what was in the borrowers' books."

Who is that "third party"? Where the money (the difference) goes to when the "borrower" return to him? To his own pocket?

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