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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Now what

After the incredible escape of the most wanted man (in Singapore) on 27 Feb, there seem no more news updates for this 2 days, is the gahmen trying to cover up again after making such a big BLUNDER and made every Singaporeans look stupid after these 9 days?

Instead of hearing this fugitive being caught or shot to death, what we see on the news are these:

1. Police shot dead murder suspect in Outram MRT

2. Limping Bangladeshi triggers security alert

3. Jail for Peeping Tom who entered women's toilet for 'a thrill'

Some people say that giving rewards or bounty is bad idea, citing moral obligation and similar horse shits.

If we are to talk about moral obligation, and make the record straight, moral obligation is applicable to those (you know who they are) who made this BLUNDER in the first place. It is their BLUNDER and therefore their RESPONSIBILITY and DUTY and MORAL OBLIGATION to catch this fugitive without getting a single reward. The only reward they deserve is to be able to sleep peacefully without guilt or maybe start planning for long vacation at Tahiti.

REWARD should therefore be given to peasants like us, who got no combat, anti-terrorist, or whatsoever trainings, to risk our heads, our limbs and bodies to catch this fugitive, and just to get a Singapore flag on our coffin?

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