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Thursday, December 13, 2007

City of possible impossibilities

Finally, they have announced this news after giving themselves a fat bonus and fat pension.

Top public sector officers to get 4% to 21% pay rise in January

I was expecting them to announce this sooner or later, they cannot afford to wait any longer. Like they said before, there is no such thing as good time, with all the bad news of rising costs of living, news of government spending our national reserves on various foreign assets, anything can happen, especially the bad ones.

Many bloggers have written extensively on the recent taxi hike, some of them even thinking of boycott taxi entirely. Seem like taxi drivers going to suffer, some describe them as worker bees working hard to feed those taxi operators who are the queen bees. The queen bees only know how to increase their own profits. See the amount of profits ComfortDelgro generates year after year, what are they doing, obsessed with breaking new records? The figures below taken from Lucky Tan's blog.

ComfortDelgro Profits
2006 - S$244.6 million
2005 - S$201.9 milion
2004 - S$200.6 million
2003 - S$134.0 million

The taxi drivers suffer, we consumers suffer. Enough is enough.

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